When Words Lose Their Value.

My “I Love You’s” Don’t Give You Chills Anymore



Photo by Petri Haanpää on Unsplash

My “I love you’s” don’t give you chills anymore..

Maybe I said it too often in the time that we’d spent, if that’s possible

At times, I love to smother my partner with words, with love

I guess it’s best to give in moderation, even in this world

At a time, when I whispered into your ear, you’d jump a bit, and blush as if I gently ran my finger down your spine,

The giddiness you’d feel when I would cup your face, and look into your eyes

expressing how beautiful you are to me,

and that I am glad that you’re mine.

I recall times where we’d talk for hours, and the convos that followed into the next day,

leaving the two of us in awe as we were in love with each others minds

Now, when I express that my wants and needs are unmet, I am met with aggression

I address a problem, I become the problem

Listening to understand becomes listening to respond, which triggers feelings of frustration on my end as well

As I cannot accurately get my point across




Shawn Newsome. | My stories are a combination of my life’s experiences, the experiences of others, and the things that come to mind.