We Only Live Once.

Attachment Issues

2 min readMay 24, 2022


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

My worst fear of losing the ones that I Love,
Versus my desire to live a long life..
I found that if I do not live a long life, I technically will not be here to lose,
However, in living a very long life, I’ll inevitably lose it all..

“How unfortunate this game can be”, I say to myself very often.

I Love deeply connecting,
I Love to be the one to understand you, when no one else does.
When you come to me in anger, I lead with Love.
You‘ll hopefully follow..

I Love to be the one to hold you when things get overwhelming,
The thought of melting into me is enough to get you through the day..
Excited to greet me after work hours, in the last moments of the night,
Curling into my arms,
Your safe space..

Closing your eyes as I speak with you,
The vibration from my voice sends you to sleep,
I don’t share my inner thoughts as I don’t want to disturb your peace,
But I often imagine how your life would be without me

Thoughts of going without your touch,
Your scent,
The sound of your voice,
visions of your smile,
Could I exist in this reality?

Accepting the possibility of someone else filling in for me?
or not being as gentle with your heart as I would be?
Someone that could potentially abuse or neglect you..
Then dress their actions up to have you feel that it’s what Love has to offer..

Not being there to protect you at every moment,
I’d regret it..
The world damaging you any more than it already has.
I wish that things didn’t have to be so complicated, though we can only do best with what we are given




Shawn Newsome. | My stories are a combination of my life’s experiences, the experiences of others, and the things that come to mind.