Mankind and Technology.

Image from (Scientists help robots understand humans with board game idea)

Pros and Cons of Technology

Humans and technology are more alike than most would like to believe.

With technology being more integrated in today’s society in attempts to make life “easier”, the pros and cons are discussed more frequently.

One con that I hear very often is how the media is used to “brainwash” the youth to believe in messages or develop morals that go against their parents’ own feelings and/or beliefs; a negative influence.

An example of this would be the negative impact that some music videos and lyrics tend to have on children, and even adults. Not to say that a specific genre of music is the result of this, but it’s very common for the actions of role models that others identify with, due to the love that they have for that artist’s content, to positively or negatively affect their behavior.

Another con would be the argument that technology has a negative impact on general human interaction, in which discussion over social media may be more comfortable to most than it would be to speak with these people in “real life”.

On the other hand, a pro of technology would be how accessible information (double edged sword) and resources are to us in modern times.

An example of this would be the news of cryptocurrency in the markets, how to trade options, individual stocks, etc. The stock market exchanges are a lot more accessible to the general public today than it used to be as a result of the development of tech.

Being able to view your funds and make investment decisions from your phone, while at home, is very convenient, and of course, opens windows for a lot more activity to take place.

Another example would be platforms like Medium that connects writers with other writers, and even readers, as we all create and post content that may be beneficial, more or less, to the lives of our audience. This coincides with the listed con on how it negatively affects human interaction, though it does allow us to keep up with other human beings in different areas of the world, places that we may never physically visit.

Technology & Human Comparisons

In regards to actual human personality and response, and the function of technology, I find that both can be pretty unpredictable.

As technology is created by humans, it’s expected for these devices to have flaws as well; “Perfection” and “beauty” of said devices being subjective in regards to cosmetics, and how it performs to fulfill our specific needs and desires. This can be compared to how we view and establish relationships: business, romantic, and platonic.

“I love how this looks”

“I enjoy how this sounds.”

“How can we benefit each other?” or “How can you benefit me?”

Just as humans have the capability to learn and improve yesterday’s performance levels, software and add-ons can be installed on laptops and tablets to help improve or develop daily habits, and even add to its list of functions (digital media editing, gaming, etc.).

Technology and humans can both experience malfunction.

Antivirus software appears to serve the same purpose as your regularly scheduled physical at the doctor’s office; in addition to the effects that viruses and old age seem to have on technology in comparison to how these factors negatively affect us.

With the further development of AI (artificial intelligence) to allow technology to operate and/or think as a logical being, the gap between human and robot is definitely thinning.

Self driving and flying cars were once things that we dreamt of and saw on fictional shows, like The Jetsons. Looking back at this, I feel that we can all identify the desire that scientists or businesses have to live a more virtual and futuristic lifestyle as it seems to be more of a focus. Maybe we were gradually making our way to this point the entire time.


These are my thoughts on the relationship that we share with technology. We can go on and on about the list of pros and cons that it has on society, but it is definitely here to stay and will become an even larger part of our lives. However, just as humans are to the Earth: We can be helpful, but we can be harmful. I would suggest to not get so consumed by the existence of technology to the point where you forget of your own.


What do you think of this comparison between human and tech? Are you for the advancement of technology (AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality, etc.) or do you feel that society should stop where we are?



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