Less Care With Age

Finally found an answer to my question

2 min readApr 17, 2022


Photo by Igordoon Primus on Unsplash

New life comes into the world..
This life, often prioritized over the mother’s emotional and mental wellbeing,
The life that comes before all,
that we would risk our lives for..
A glimpse into their eyes,
or holding of our pinky fingers with their little hands is enough to bring immense joy

Girl or boy, they’re precious..
“Children are the future”,
Don’t we all have assumed responsibility to ensure that they’re protected?
As they have little to no understanding of the world around them, and their involvement in our futures is destined?

We’ve all been there before, but now we feel that the world does not care as much as it once did,
There was much more care, Love, and attention given when we were kids..
Lessons learned through life’s experiences,
and through life’s hardships, we formed opinions.
With age and growth, we gained power,
And this is where things began to change.

We grow into adults with our opinions,
formed by the received information or misinformation we’d picked up or resonated with in our childhoods,
These views being very difficult to change because, maybe, we’re stubborn and set in our ways,
Considering that other perspectives aren’t considered because Empathy is rare.

Our existence is then seen as a threat to others,
Instead of the precious child that is to be protected,
nurtured above all,
we are now seen as potential enemies,
as our growth grants us the power to harm as we have to heal.


Prior to this realization, I often thought about why the world values the lives and overall wellbeing of children only to mistreat them when they grow into adults. When I see incidents…




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