An Introvert’s Paradise

Photo by Austin Mabe on Unsplash

Who understands you better than yourself?

The “darkness” isn’t all that bad, in moderation

I took to myself today

I’ve needed it for a while now

The silence, the relaxation..

I’ve become so accustomed to moving with a strong sense of urgency throughout my days

So when I’m able to, I’ll take my time to tone things down a bit

My friends may not hear from me when they expect to

No need for anyone to insert themselves into my golden moments

I may cancel plans, or hope that events will be postponed just to continue existing in my box

Luckily there’s the “inclement weather” cancellation here and there to assist

I find myself drowning in the depths of my solitude where I do all the things that I love to do without interruption

“Floating into nothingness”

I love this part of life where I move on my own time instead of acting in accordance with someone else’s schedule and expectations

In my loneliness, there are no expectations

I am free from all things besides the tasks and responsibilities that I place on myself

The dream that we all chase; this “freedom”

It’s sad that I only get a taste of that during the weekends

Where I’ve come to hate Sundays because it’s the day before Monday

Back to work we go, requests knock on my door, and fill my inbox

The joy..

I always mention how it’s nice to be needed by people

I genuinely enjoy to help others so much

But it’s extremely important to find balance in this as it is also nice to not be needed by people

We all need time to recharge, introvert or not

There have been many moments where I wish that those articles would become a thing for my country

The “Workers are more productive on a 4 day work week” reads

“If only it was taken more seriously”, I say to myself.

But this will remain only a dream until I create the reality that I desire

Until then, I will enjoy my short mental breaks that visit me every 5 days..

I thoroughly enjoyed my time alone



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Shawn Newsome. | My stories are a combination of my life’s experiences, the experiences of others, and the things that come to mind.